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Turn Around Training

We're so excited to introduce our

newest class

Kitten Kindergarten!

Dogs and puppies aren’t the only pets who deserve well-informed owners, socialization, and an enriching environment. 

This two-week session will provide new kitten parents with an overview of kitten development (both social and physical) and care.

In the first class, we will review feline body language and the environmental enrichment needs of your new kitten. Participants will learn how to avoid some of the common behavioral problems that develop in kittens, how to appropriately play with their new kitten, and grooming and medical care essentials.  

Your kitten can attend the second class for hands-on practice of handling and introductions to other kittens. You are not required to bring your kitten.

During this class, we will focus on handling for grooming (e.g., brushing and nail trims), demonstrate how to administer different types of medications, and work on carrier training. We will also touch on how to introduce your new kitten to other cats and kittens. 

Kitten Kindergarten is intended for people who have adopted (or plan to adopt) kittens who are 8 – 16 weeks of age.

All kittens who attend the second class should be in this age range and should have received their first round (minimally) of vaccinations and de-wormer at least 7 days prior to attending the class. If you have any questions or concerns about your kitten’s vaccination status, please contact your veterinarian.

Prerequisites: None

Fee: $75 includes handouts and a graduation toy.

Two-week session: 


July 17th & July 24th 7:00-8:00PM


Set yourself and your kitten up for success!


Kittens (age 8-16 weeks) can attend second class


$75 registration fee includes handouts and a graduation toy

This class is taught by

Certified Cat Behavior Consultant Karen Plescia